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Product ID: ACT-9393
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Product description
■ With world-class ACT (automatic channel lock) function, it can be fast Accurate automatic locking of the operating frequency of the receiver;
■ KTV special hand microphone shell is made of aluminum alloy material and anti-fall tail cover.Professional quality without falling;
■ There are a variety of color-specific color tail cover channel recognition;
■ Adopt high fax, wide range, high dynamic range, high quality and clear Li's super cardioid directional microphone core;
■ CPU control;
■ Phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology;
■ Diversity technology;
■ Large-screen dynamic LCD display for dynamic display of AF, RF level and Channel conversion
■ 200 channels are adjustable, and multiple sets can be used simultaneously without interference;
■ The panel can set the working distance, display mode and panel lock function.
■ KTV uses 100 sets at the same time without interference;
System parameters:
1. Set the frequency mode: PLL lock phase
2. Frequency range: UHF520-870MHZ (multiple optional)
3. Modulation method: FM
4. Maximum frequency deviation: ±45KHz
5. Audio response: 80Hz~15Khz (±3dB)
6. Comprehensive distortion: ≤1%
7. Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ +55 ° C
8. Sensitivity: 12dBuV (80dB S/N)
9. Sensitivity adjustment range: 12~32dBuV
10. Spurious suppression: >70dB
11. Audio output level: Parallel output: 25mV (at 1kHz, ± 5kHz offset, 10 K Ω load) Audio output: 50mV (at 1kHz, ± 5kHz offset, 10 K Ω load)
12. Power supply: external 13~15V DC
13. Working current: 300mA
Receiving form: true diversity reception
Peak deviation: 3uV (52dB S/N)
Audio output level:
Balanced output: +10dB (XLR)
Unbalanced output: +4dB (1/4", 6.3mm jack socket)
Adjacent channel interference ratio: >80dB
Mirror interference ratio: >80dB
Handheld transmitter
1. Output power: 8~3mW
2. Spurious suppression: >50dB
3. Battery: 2 AA alkaline batteries
4. Microphone: super-cardiac moving coil
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