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Product ID: ACT-9260
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Product description
●The effective distance is 30 meters, and 10 units can be used at the same time.
● Apply PLL frequency synthesis phase-locked loop technology, the frequency is adjustable, the transmission power is adjustable, and the interference frequency is avoided.
● Integrated bus control of the central processing unit CPU, with digital LCD interface display, easy operation and outstanding performance.
●With audio compression and expansion technology, the noise is greatly reduced and the dynamic range is increased.
●It has a function of reducing the whistle suppression and reducing the whistle.
● The receiver uses multi-stage high-frequency amplification and is equipped with a high-quality capacitor pickup. The system has extremely high sensitivity.
● Diversity technology;
● 100 channels are adjustable, and multiple sets can be used at the same time without interference;
● Panel can set working distance, display mode, panel lock function.
●Electronic monitoring, electronic volume.
Frequency Ranges:UHF500~960MHz
Frequency Stability:±0.002%,±0.002% quartz oscillating locked
Sensitivity(peak deviation):10μV
F/N Ratio:>80dB
P/N Ratio:>80dB
S/N Ratio:>90dB
Dilation Ratio:1: 2
AF Output Voltage(at peak deviation 1kHz AF out):可调0~300mV
0~300mV (tunable)
Channels:4 Channels
Output jack:Unbalanced 6.3 jack
Power Supply:220V(50Hz)
Power Consumption:6W
Antenna:Exterior Antenna
Dynamic frequency range:>100dB
Temperature Range:-10℃~50
Conference launch
Frequency Ranges:UHF500~960MHz
Frequency Stability:0.002%,±0.002% quartz oscillating locked
RF Output Power:30mW
Current Consumption:<25mA
Harmonic radiation:<40dB
Modulation Mode:FM
Deviation Range:±20KHz
Compress Ratio:2: 1
Microphone Head:Condenser
Battery Type:1.5V AA one 9V battery  
Battery Life: 5 Hours
Anternna:Exterior Antenna
Frequency Response:50Hz~15KHz
Receiver distance:30 meters
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